yeah it’s not like jade + space is an overdone thing uh


If it were up to Shep, she and Garrus would adopt every Varren in the galaxy

It was strange, how readily authority could be conjured with nothing but a bit of strutting jackassery.
Scott Lynch - (Book: The Lies of Locke Lamora)

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Laura Prepon Photocall in London


Sand Master

After long day of school, work and commissions I decided to take a break and finish Battle Armor Sandy. Who knew painting gold was so much fun. I’m beyond floored you guys are liking this series. One more to go and its finished. :’>

Battle Armor :Bunny- North- Jack-Tooth


Details of Sansa’s new dress from The Mountain and the Viper

This gives me freaking goosebumps…I haven’t been watching GoT but this dress may make me catch up.

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What Would Khaleesi Wear?
Astapor conquering ensemble


for azaharluk who wanted Rose and vriska.
sorry it took so long
also it’s pretty messy sorry about that too!